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BEI provides business advisors the tools to help them differentiate their practice and provide better solutions to clients. No other organization offers advisors comprehensive Exit Planning training, marketing support, and plan-creation tools. For over 25 years, BEI has helped advisors build deeper relationships with clients and provided resources to help their business owner clients reach their goals.


BEI Leadership Team

The best and the brightest Exit Planning experts in the industry.



Jared Johnson

Jared serves as an expert in helping Members understand the tools needed to grow a service offering to drive increased revenues within their firms.

John Brown


John Brown

John created The BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process™ and successfully tested it on hundreds of his own business-owner clients.

Who We Are

BEI trains and supports business advisors to be the preeminent Exit Planning resource for business owners in their communities. Our members ultimately seek to help business owners and their families benefit from their lives’ work.

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Growing & Protecting Business Value with BEI

You've helped your business owner clients set goals for the day they leave their businesses, quantified their resources today and gathered the financial data on what resources are needed on the day they exit.  Now what?  It's time to take action!

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