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Mike Quinlan

Contact Information

840 Ernest W. Barrett Pkwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30160
United States


  • Business Consultant
  • CExP
  • Exit Planning Professional
  • Financial/Investment Advisory Professional

VECTAC Advisory Services

With over 33 years of military aviation and business experience, I help business owners NAVIGATE their options and opportunities to exit their business, maximize transaction value and maximize the probability of a successful transaction. 

Early in my wealth management career, a friend and former military aviator was trying to figure out how to sell his company.  He needed someone who could help him with the process.  With a pained look on his face he said “I need someone who can develop a “Battle Plan” to help me integrate the services of my CPA, Investment Banker, Transaction Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney and just plain keep me on track!!”  He needed someone who could quarterback the process while he kept his eye on maintaining the profitability of his company.

A sample of exit scenarios includes:

  • Single owner long-term Value Driver analysis and planning utilizing the I.M.G.O.O.D. checklist and Battle Plan methodology
  • Coordinate with Financial Advisor to provide exit advisory team to prepare, market and sell Professional Services firm
  • Coordinate with Corporate Attorney to prepare, market and sell software services firm
  • Provide advisory services and coordinate deal team for unsolicited offer by strategic acquirer.
  • Coordinate with CPA to advise on transfer of company to Key Employees
  • Coordinate with Financial Advisor on sale of business to family member
  • Coordinate with Investment Banker to identify Wealth Management firm for placement of post transaction proceeds

As a former Naval Flight Officer and current Commercial rated pilot, I know that in the greatest times of stress, having a well thought out plan gives you the best odds of a successful outcome. For all of my business owner clients, I use strategic thinking and tactical execution in the form of aviation style checklists and a formal BATTLE PLAN to help my clients get through what may be the most important and stressful series of decisions in their business career.

Create and implement a BATTLE PLAN and get the most out of the company you have loved and nurtured. Email me at –