Being affiliated with BEI adds significant value to an advisor service and planning capabilities. When you participate as a member of BEI, you deepen your planning capabilities by being able to offer business Exit Planning services for your clients and you are a part of a network of advisors that spans across the country and is backed up by the tremendous resources of the BEI team. The result is a deeper more unique planning role for the business owner and the benefit is building a stronger more meaningful relationship with those clients that last a long time. So being a part of BEI has significantly enriched my experience as a financial advisor.

- Steve Zeller, President/CEO, CFP/Wealth Manager; Zeller Kern Private Wealth Management

This is a strong pool of talent that BEI has been able to pull together. And every year I meet new people, new members of the organization and I get a chance to visit again with members that I have known for years. We get a chance to share new ideas, new thoughts in terms of ways to help the business owners that we work with and we really find a lot of opportunities just through the informal engagements as well as during the formal programs themselves.

- Nick Niemann, Attorney; McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC

I believe that the Exit Planning conversation is what separates me from my competitors and allows me not to be commoditized by my own clients.

- Mark Flenniken, Insurance/ Business consultant; Circle Insurance

BEI gives you the resources and the experience to truly be a great professional coach and planner for businesses.

- Kirk Francis, CFP; Cross Financial Services Associate

I always come away with something significant that will help my Exit Planning process going forward.

- Ken Stiefler, Exit Planning Consultant; Exits LLC

Providing Exit Planning services through BEI offers a very valuable service to clients. As a BEI Exit Planning advisor you can serve as an essential catalyst who helps business owners and their advisors plan out how the inevitable transition will take place and make it financially rewarding for the departing owner

- Jon Parry, Attorney; JDP Law

A client was recently concerned about the long term retention about key employees. We had some ideas and discussed the situation with Elizabeth Mower. Elizabeth pointed us to the correct resources to provide the services most efficiently.

- Joe Witkowski, CPA; Herbein & Co Inc.

When I first encountered BEI, which must have been eight years ago now, they had a beginning to what is now a really great suite of services and assistance to help work with business owners. In addition they have a lot of good marketing ideas and marketing tools to reach out to other professionals whether we are talking about financial planners or CPAs.

- Hank Weatherby, Attorney; Weatherby & Associates, PC

I compare the BEI Boot Camp to driving a car. It provided me an opportunity to peek under the hood to see the level of commitment and resources that had been invested into building a real world class association of advisors.

- Ed Fortier, CFP; Strategic Stewardship

BEI has helped my primarily by teaching me the value of a comprehensive Exit Plan. I am now able to explain to my clients the value of such a plan. Also, I now have a product to sell. And I think having such a product gives me a tremendous advantage over my competitors.

- Don Feldman, President, CPA/CFP/Exit Planner; Keystone Business Transitions

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