Have something good to say, say it well, say it often, and say it to the right people. That is the driving force behind BEI's Newsletter Automated Marketing System. High quality, automated Newsletters are sent out twice a month to your subscriber list. Customizable capabilities allow you to include your branding, choose content that is included, and select the day and time you want to send the Newsletters. The Automated Marketing System is designed to help you to engage new and existing clients in Exit Planning without any hassle.

Have something good to say

Articles are case-study based, concise, easy-to-read, and relevant to current Exit Planning trends.

Say it well

Emails signify to the reader that you, the sender, are an expert and a resource for more information. The Newsletter is branded with your company logo and includes your contact information.

Say it often

Newsletters are produced on a regular basis and sent on your behalf twice each month, continually putting your name and brand in front of your clients so that when their "exit event" occurs, they know to turn to you.

Say it to the right people

You maintain your own list of subscribers. After each email is sent, use the email reports to see who is reading your content and which topics they find most interesting.

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