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Owner Hot Button No. 1: The Departure of a Key Employee
Blog Post
First up in our latest blog series, learn how to handle the first of several key business-owner hot buttons: The Departure of a Key Employee. Read through a real-life scenario and how an advisor equipped with BEI Exit Panning tools can best navigate the situation
2022 is the Year for Exit Planning
Blog Post
We sat down with BEI Member, Ashley Blessing, to learn how she began her career in Exit Planning and where she predicts the industry is heading into this new year.  
Inside the Exit: Best of 2021 
Blog Post
Let's look back to see what we have learned this past year. 
Who Should Take Over the Family Business? Key Factors to Consider
Blog Post
Business owners are often faced with challenges in determining who is best fit to take over the family business. Explore some key considerations to help navigate through your Exit Planning process. 
CExP Advanced Planning Workshop - September 2020
This workshop focuses on several tax strategies that can be used, in the right circumstances, to free up cash flow for busienss clients. Increased cash flow can then be deployed in other areas of the business to support business growth or profitability (or both). Join this interactive session for cExP designation holders to find out whether your clients may be leaving money on the table.
Eight Questions to Ask Your Client Before Their Child Takes Over the Business 
Blog Post
Before you jump to the conclusion that your business owner client will transition the ownership of their family business to their children, be sure so walk through a few of these questions first. 
Do You Know Enough to Help Your Owner-Clients Exit Successfully?
Blog Post
The question we ask in this post is: Is it possible to gain enough knowledge of Exit Planning via this blog and similar online resources to keep clients and gain more?
You Can Only Strike Oil When You Dig Deep Enough
Blog Post
Lawrence Bogar, AEP, AWMA, an associate member of MRA Advisory Group, discusses how he has found success by getting more than surface-level responses from his clients.
Liberating Successful Business Owners from Your Competitors 
Blog Post
We continue on Anita's journey to differentiate herself from her competition by introducing Exit Planning to her core services. 
Exit Planning: The Prescription for Client Defection
Blog Post
This week we discuss how to overcome the call from your client informing you they have found another advisor to help them plan for their future.