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Closing the Gap

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Every Exit Planner advisor knows that one of the first steps of the Exit Planning process is to figure out the gap between what a business owner currently has and what he/she might need by the time they finally exit the business. What assets can help contribute or might be a liability? Do you have the right management team in place? What are the areas to focus on first to ensure we are able to close this gap?

In this episode of Why We Plan, Founder of BEI, John Brown and President of BEI, Elizabeth Mower, discuss the importance of the initial steps to Exit Planning to ensure business owners will be able to close this gap in a timely manner. Every business is different meaning that every Exit Plan is different. Be sure to not make assumptions and ask the right questions at the beginning of the process to ensure the rest of the Exit Planning project runs smoothly. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear John and Elizabeth’s suggestions on how to most efficiently close the gap.