The Associate Membership will equip you with knowledge to help business owners plan for the future of their businesses and expand the scope of the work you do with them.

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What You Get With an Associate Membership:

If you’re looking to learn how planning concepts can help you broaden the scope of work you do with your clients, the BEI Associate Membership is for you. Whether you’re just starting to consider planning, a seasoned planning professional, or a dedicated learner, an Associate Membership will help you:



  • Most business owners want to transition their businesses within 10 years, yet fewer than 20% are having conversations with advisors who can help. An Associate Membership differentiates you and your practice immediately by giving you the knowledge to expand the conversation better and more clearly than others in your profession.
  • The Associate Membership delivers short- and long-term solutions to problems that keep owners awake at night.


  • We designed the Associate Membership to help you learn how planning techniques can impact your existing service offerings.
  • The Associate Membership teaches you how advisors from different disciplines are using BEI planning techniques to increase work within their existing practices.
  • A deeper knowledge of planning opens opportunities to implement your core services in often overlooked situations.


  • Helping owners grow, evolve, and protect their businesses is the key focus of the Associate Membership.
  • BEI tools and resources let you ask the right questions and give the right answers to make owners want to work with you..

What You Get With an Associate Membership:

  1. Articles, case studies, and video overviews that outline problems that business owners need you to solve.
  2. Applicable strategies from thought leaders that show you how the topics reviewed in the case studies fit into your core practice quickly and easily.
  3. Actionable tools and resources you can use right away through your free Exit Planning Toolkit.

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