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The most successful Exit Planning professionals in the industry use BEI's tools and resources. When you become a BEI Licensed User, you gain exclusive access to comprehensive practice development tools, education, and ongoing support, all of which help generate additional revenue and expand your client base through Exit Planning. Become your business-owning clients' most trusted advisor by joining BEI.

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Associate Membership

What You Get With an Associate Membership:
  • Articles, case studies, and video overviews that outline problems that business owners need you to solve.
  • Applicable strategies from thought leaders that show you how the topics reviewed in the case studies fit into your core practice quickly and easily.
  • Actionable tools and resources you can use right away through your free Exit Planning Toolkit.

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It wasn’t until I got involved with BEI [that I] really thought about what keeps my clients up at 2 o’clock in the morning. And what I know is every one of my clients are going to transition out of their business one way or the other. So I want them to do it on their own time, on their terms, and allow them to live their life the way they want.

- Crystal Faulkner MCM CPAs and Advisors

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