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Exit Planning on Your Turf

We give you the best Exit Planning education you want and need, at the place and time most convenient for you. We understand it is not always easy — or feasible — to travel, but that doesn't mean learning more about Exit Planning has to be difficult! We bring Exit Planning knowledge and training right to your doorstep.

A BEI representative can speak to your advisor team, your business-owner clients, or at your next company event. Our speakers’ expertise as thought leaders in the Exit Planning industry is unparalleled. They will provide you with the in-depth, comprehensive information you are looking for on the relevance of Exit Planning to your organization and to business owners, and the opportunity it offers for business advisors.

We tailor each speaking engagement to meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring all attendees walk away with a complete understanding of the importance and benefits of Exit Planning as it pertains to them.

Private Boot Camp

Educate your advisor team on the Exit Planning process right in your own community. Train the support team you need to take advantage of all that Exit Planning has to offer.

Business Advisor Presentation

Help your business advisors understand the opportunity in Exit Planning, and how to start incorporating it within their current practice. Now is your time to get involved.

Business Owner Presentation

It is never too early to engage business owners on the topic of Exit Planning. Help business owners understand what Exit Planning will do for them and their businesses, while putting yourself in front of them as the go-to Exit Planning expert.

Learn more about how Exit Planning education and training can help you and your firm.

More than 200 organizations have hosted a BEI Speaking Engagement, and the list keeps growing. They’ve strengthened their Exit Planning knowledge and process. Now, it’s your turn!

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It wasn’t until I got involved with BEI [that I] really thought about what keeps my clients up at 2 o’clock in the morning. And what I know is every one of my clients are going to transition out of their business one way or the other. So I want them to do it on their own time, on their terms, and allow them to live their life the way they want.

- Crystal Faulkner MCM CPAs and Advisors

Being affiliated with BEI adds significant value to an advisor service and planning capabilities. When you participate as a member of BEI, you deepen your planning capabilities by being able to offer business Exit Planning services for your clients and you are a part of a network of advisors that spans across the country and is backed up by the tremendous resources of the BEI team. The result is a deeper more unique planning role for the business owner and the benefit is building a stronger more meaningful relationship with those clients that last a long time. So being a part of BEI has significantly enriched my experience as a financial advisor.

- Steve Zeller, President/CEO, CFP/Wealth Manager; Zeller Kern Private Wealth Management