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Exit Planning Webinar | How to Get in The Door with Doug Easton

Marketing a professional services firm is a challenge for many advisors. It requires a balance between marketing activities with client service and firm development activities. So how can a BEI Marketing License help?  

Join us to uncover just how simple marketing can be and learn about the countless benefits you can expect to see when you market your practice efficiently. We will highlight the BEI tools and resources you can use to get in front of your target market. 

With the BEI Marketing License, you can  

  • Maximize your time, energy, and resources to get the most from your marketing efforts. 
  • Increase brand recognition, get more clients, and bring in more revenue per client. 
  • Spend less time and effort reaching out to prospects and clients.  
  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor. 

Our expertise and proven tools will help you build an active marketing approach that will keep you and your message in the minds of your ideal prospects and clients. Let us share with you some tips and tricks you can use to start building your pipeline today with the BEI Marketing License.  

Date + Time

Event Dates and Times
10/19/2021 - 1:00pm to 1:30pm