Exit Planning Webinar | Estate and Succession Planning: Strategies for CPAs & Valuation Advisors

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Many business owners want to transfer their wealth to people they care about when they die. Without help, a good chunk of that money won’t make it to the people they care about. What can CPAs and Valuation Advisors do to address this issue?

Join John Brown, founder of BEI and longtime estate planning attorney, as he shows you:

  • What CPAs and Valuation Advisors can do to help owners shape their estate and succession plans
  • The most successful strategies that allow owners to transfer wealth to whom they want
  • How to craft good estate and succession plans

Learning Objectives:

  • The critical role CPAs and Valuation Advisors play in estate and succession planning
  • Primary estate and succession issues and solutions
  • Estate and succession planning scenarios
  • Planning process implementation and project management tools
  • Step Seven of The BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process™

Date + Time

Event Dates and Times
10/22/2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm