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Exit Planning Webinar | 6 Ways to Get Owners to Act

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Do you hear a lot of talk about future plans from you clients, but not much action? BEI's 2019 survey of business owners revealed that 56% of business owners want to sell or transfer their business within the next 10 years, but 79% don’t have a written plan in place to do so. As their advisor, you know that 100% of business owners will leave their business, whether planned or otherwise.  So how do you help them help themselves in making those future plans a reality?  In this webinar, Elizabeth Mower, president of BEI, will discuss specific triggers that cause business owners to move forward and take the next step in their planning.

You should attend this webinar if:

  • You are looking for ways to motivate your clients into action,
  • Your clients have previously rejected planning engagement,
  • Your clients don't know what they need or where to start,
  • Your clients aren't aware of gaps in their plans for the future, or
  • You need to retool your planning process in order to accomplish more with your clients.