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Why Business Owners Delay Exit Planning

Submitted by John Brown on Thu, 11/09/2017 - 6:00pm
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During BEI’s advisor training sessions, advisors often want to discuss the resistance they get from owners when they try to get those owners to plan their exits. Advisors ask us for an easy, reliable way to convert reluctant owners into eager planning clients. We can, and do, provide a go-to solution, but first, it is important to understand why owners don’t feel a need to begin planning now.

The Unprepared Business

Until business owners are convinced that preparing their businesses for their exits must begin before they are ready to exit, they will continue to delay action. The problem, as advisors well know, is that few businesses are ready to continue successfully without the owners at the helm. We also know that, in most cases, it takes years of planning and action to prepare businesses for the owners’ exits.

Business owners recognize the first part: many owners would exit today if assured financial security. In other words, they know that their businesses aren’t ready to be exited, but they still do little or no planning to get them there. BEI Member Marko Mijuskovic echoes this point: “Owners know what they need to do. They just don’t examine it up close or think they need to do something today. I tell them, ‘This is your final exam. Will you eat steak or Top Ramen for the rest of your life? Let’s do the work.’ And they do.”

Clearing the “Not Today” Hurdle

Advisors need to correct the misperception that business owners can prepare their businesses for their exits in the time between deciding they are ready to exit and closing the sale. This requires that owners understand three things:

1. The size of the gap between the resources they have and those they’ll need to exit on their terms.

2. The time and effort it will take them to develop sufficient resources to exit on their terms.

3. That Exit Planning and action can (and usually must) focus on growing business value and cash flow—a benefit to them no matter when they exit or which Exit Path they choose.

Growing business value and cash flow is at the heart of Exit Planning, for owners, their businesses, and their advisors. Your role and value in growing and strengthening a business is the message you clearly communicate. You aren’t fighting a battle against cost or a belief that planning is unnecessary: You’re fighting a battle against unfamiliarity. You must inform and demonstrate to business owners that their ability to leave their businesses when they are ready to exit requires planning and action now. By acting now, owners can ensure that they've prepared their businesses for their exits as well as they've prepared themselves.

"What We’ve Got Here Is a Failure to Communicate.”

Certainly, meeting with business owners (as the initial contact point) to discuss the many benefits of Exit Planning is helpful, but BEI Members find that consistent communication with owners on various Exit Planning topics is more effective, and far less time consuming, than multiple face-to-face meetings. Overcoming the misperception that business owners can wait until they are ready to exit to begin preparing their companies for their exits requires consistent, methodical, repeated communication. Content must focus on how Exit Planning benefits them.

“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time—a tremendous whack.” –Winston Churchill

Effective Communication

Our most successful Members deliver firm-branded Exit Planning information to hundreds of owners and advisors (often 500+) two or more times per month. In providing Exit Planning content and accurate information to a large number of targeted recipients, they dispel the misperceptions that allow owners to delay. In conclusion, owner inaction is caused by our failure to communicate.

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