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Making Recommendations for a Successful Business Exit

Submitted by John Brown on Fri, 08/23/2019 - 9:00am
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Successful business exits have a lot of moving parts. There’s value building. Finding next-level management. Creating incentive plans. Minimizing taxes. Creating a Deal Team. No single advisor can do it all. Fortunately, one advisor can lead the process, gather the appropriate professionals, and ultimately guide their business-owning clients toward a successful business exit: the Exit Planning Advisor. But where do the recommendations for a successful business exit come from? Here are three common places Exit Planning Advisors look to for recommendations.

1. The Business Owner’s Wants and Needs and Resources

This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Exit Planning begins by focusing on what the business owner has, and on what the business owner needs or wants to exit on their terms. This requires an accurate determination of the owner’s current resources available to satisfy the owner’s Exit Goals. Usually, owners have a gap between the resources available and those needed to achieve their goals. Advisors use this fact to craft recommendations to grow the business, minimize taxes, and reduce business risk. But it all starts by determining what owners have, need, and want.

2. The Involvement of Multiple Advisors, Management, and Owners

Exit Plan design and implementation requires the expertise of several different professional advisors. At minimum, most Exit Planning Advisor Teams include an Exit Planning Advisor, CPA, attorney, financial advisor, and insurance advisor. Each advisor who’s a part of the team suggests recommendations from their profession and from their experiences with owners and their businesses. Management and owners may also be involved in this process. While shaping the Exit Plan, it’s common for the Advisor Team, the management team, and the owner to suggest two or three dozen recommendations for action.

3. EPIC Exit Planning Software

A more revolutionary way to make recommendations is through the only software specifically designed to guide advisors through the design, creation, and implementation of Exit Plans: EPIC. BEI built and continually enhances EPIC using the advice and experience of hundreds of successful Exit Planning Advisors. Cumulatively, EPIC includes hundreds of years of advisor experience, suggestions, and recommendations.

By gathering information from business owners using strong probing questions, advisors use EPIC to produce recommendations that speak directly to the wants and needs business owners have. EPIC suggests and creates owner-specific recommendations based on owner and Advisor Team input in a fraction of the time and effort otherwise required. It combines efficiency and tailor-made planning, giving business owners a customized, tangible road map through their business exits.


  • Well-designed Exit Plans require the early involvement of several professionals, usually facilitated by an Exit Planning Advisor.
  • Exit Planning Advisor Teams make many recommendations based on an accurate determination of what the owner wants and needs.
  • Advisor Teams and EPIC make providing recommendations more comprehensive, accurate, and efficient.

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