Exit Planning Uncovers Untapped Potential Within your Practice

Fri, 02/11/2022 - 09:01


Today’s blog takes you Behind the Scenes with BEI Member, Jeremy Suarez, Managing Partner at Tomoro, who has had great success in adding Exit Planning services. Tomoro serves clients in the business planning, wealth management, and estate planning industries. The Tomoro team has a diverse background and consists of financial advisors & strategists, investment advisory, insurance & risk management advisory, and in-house legal counsel with a sole focus on asset protection and estate planning.

 Jeremy is beginning his 17th year in the industry and has a number of professional licenses and certifications. His path as a business planner and strategist began seven years ago when he set out to enhance his business planning offerings, expanding beyond the typical “business continuity” discussions that financial advisors have historically been trained to do.

He has developed a synergy between the wealth advisory, legal, and risk management departments to support clients in their discovery, preparation, decision-making, and execution of what comes next for their business.

Why did you decide to work with business owners to help them exit?


In our communities, we are surrounded by business owners, entrepreneurs, and big thinkers. I simply wanted to partner with these people, provide valuable insights & strategies, and develop both professional and personal relationships. I am also a business owner, so our work and ongoing education in the Exit Planning space supports our firms’ objectives.

Tell us about an unexpected challenge you have encountered working with business owners. How did it impact you or your practice, and how did you overcome the problem?


A few years ago, I really underestimated the need for Key Employee retention strategies in the small business marketplace. Valued employees require definable and repeatable processes in order to drive value in all sectors of the small business market. Our ability to guide and educate clients through various aspects of Key Employee retention has been a differentiator. This often opens up other discussions and opportunities to work with both the owner and key employee groups on other aspects of their planning.

How has your involvement with BEI impacted your practice?


BEI has accelerated our learning curve on various topics, opened our eyes to a number of planning tactics we were not aware existed, and created a community of like-minded professionals with different backgrounds we can tap into.

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What is some advice you would share with an advisor new to the industry?


I would say, take immediate action with joining organizations such as BEI and create a study group of like-minded advisors from different firms. Involvement at any stage of one’s career is critical. Taking responsibility for one’s education and understanding “you don’t know what you don’t know,” is key. Initially, the amount of information that was shared was overwhelming and abstract; but once my baseline knowledge was improved, my eyes started to open regarding how this information can be used in daily practice. It was amazing how many opportunities were uncovered by BEI that existed within relationships with current planning clients.

What are some recent achievements you want to highlight?


Based on internal criteria via our business carrier relationships, I was awarded Advisor of the Year last year and have been honored with the same award several years in the past. In addition, I have been named a Perennial Industry qualifier for carrier awards in organizations such as Guardian’s President Council, Executive Club and Leaders Club. In 2021, I added my CEPA designation and we continually enhance our business knowledge and offerings thanks to our involvement with organizations such as BEI.

On a personal note, I am also proud of another achievement: My son Leo was born on 3/7/2021. He joined our family (daughter Rose & wife Kimberly) and this was hands down the highlight of my 2021.

Learn more about Jeremy & his work with Tomoro: https://www.suarezplanningteam.com


Jeremy, like so many of our Members, has been able to use Exit Planning tools & techniques to differentiate himself and his services, as well as expand conversations he was already having with his clients. It’s time to make sure you are your client’s first call.

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