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Do You Know Enough to Help Your Owner-Clients Exit Successfully?

Submitted by John Brown on Fri, 12/03/2021 - 8:00am
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In two prior posts, we observed how easy it is to 1) lose owner-clients by not offering what they need, and 2) gain clients by having the expertise necessary to discuss and engage them in one or more aspects of exit planning.

The question we ask in this post is: Is it possible to gain enough knowledge of Exit Planning via this blog and similar online resources to keep clients and gain more? As we lawyers like to say, it depends.

Argument for using this blog as your sole source of Exit Planning knowledge

We have designed this blog to provide enough information for you to:

  • Determine whether you can help owners exit successfully, provided other advisors representing your clients know how to create Exit Plans, and involve you as needed.
  • Provide you enough information to talk intelligently about Exit Planning and remain involved in the Exit Planning Process. This baseline knowledge usually generates more work from your current clients who seek to exit.

This is the typical path most advisors follow: Understanding their role in Exit Planning (i.e., when their tools, products, and professional advice are useful) and working with an advisor with Exit Planning expertise is the path most advisors take.

Argument for pursuing additional training in Exit Planning

The advisors we work with have thriving practices because they are very good at what they do. They understandably hesitate to add a new element to their practices based solely on information gleaned from a blog. While they don’t want to become Exit Planners, these advisors seek a deeper understanding of Exit Planning. To these owners, we recommend becoming a BEI Associate Member.

Associate Membership

As a BEI Associate Member, you:

  • Learn how Exit Planning techniques can impact your existing service offerings via a structured, low-cost, learning platform.
  • Differentiate your practice from competitors because you have the ability to converse intelligently about an owner’s ultimate exit.
  • Discover how advisors from multiple disciplines use Exit Planning to increase work within their practice areas.
  • Gain access to opportunities to implement your core services in often overlooked situations outside of Exit Planning.

Ultimately, the goal of the Associate Membership is to equip advisors with the knowledge they need to participate in the process of helping their owner-clients grow, protect, and eventually leave their companies in a way that provides lifetime financial security.

Become an Exit Planner

Other advisors choose to become full-fledged Exit Planners because they too want to make a difference in their clients’ lives, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and add a new source of revenue to their core services. But these advisors want more than a seat at the planning table: They want to sit at the head of that table.

To take that seat, they recognize that they need training in a proven Exit Planning Process, ongoing support as they work through complex planning situations, and an effective marketing plan for their new expertise. We recommend that these advisors take advantage of BEI’s full menu of services: courses, networking, marketing, and planning.

Whether you are looking to increase your confidence in having conversations around Exit Planning with your clients or want to be the indispensable advisor your clients call for every planning need, we understand your passion for helping clients reach their goals. With BEI, you’ll get a customized plan to fit your unique practice needs and an execution strategy to reach those goals.

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