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BEI’s Associate Membership – Your Exit Planning Entry Point

Join the waitlist for BEI’s Associate Membership today! BEI’s Associate Membership will give you a foundational understanding of Exit Planning and begin establishing you as your clients’ most trusted advisor. It’s a low-cost, high-impact way to start providing the services and information your clients expect from you.

In addition to the 15+ resources you’ll get in your free Exit Planning Toolkit, Associate Members of the BEI Network of Advisors receive:

  • Short video overviews of each topic within The BEI Exit Planning Process
  • Comprehensive articles that discuss a specific Exit Planning topic and how it affects you and your client
  • Case studies with discussion questions for you and BEI Licensed Members to discuss and answer
  • Podcasts with experienced and successful Exit Planning Advisors who will share stories, experiences, and advice; answer case study questions; and provide insights into how a given topic has affected their clients and practices
  • Bonus articles highlighting practical aspects of Exit Planning, such as tools, designs, and assessments that relate to each topic
  • Exclusive Private Forum access that lets you talk and network directly with other successful Exit Planners
  • Much, much more!
More business owners than ever need help planning for their future success. Be the advisor they’re looking for by signing up for an Associate Membership today!