Andy Brincefield - Exit Planning Market Differentiation

Andy Brincefield
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On this episode of What Advisors Need to Know, Andy Brincefield shares insight on what encouraged him to move into the Exit Planning arena, how that has allowed him to differentiate himself and his firm in the marketplace, and the value it has added to his current and prospective business-owner clients.

Andy joined Consolidated Planning in 2005, after several years of leadership success in the financial planning and technology industries. With the help of a great leadership team and support structure at CP, Andy splits his time between expanding the firm to fulfill its mission, and serving as a hands-on financial advisor to many individual clients throughout North and South Carolina. Andy believes that time spent in the trenches with clients, solving real world problems, keeps his skills sharp as an advisor while keeping the direction of the firm on point - especially important in today's ever changing world.

Spend enough time around Andy and you'll understand that he is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Whether providing guidance to the firm's clients to help them realize their financial futures, or providing leadership to the firm's financial advisors to best help their clients - his passion is to make a significant impact in the lives of his clients, associates, and fellow advisors.

Andy is proud to champion and deliver the Consolidated Planning Process - a process by which a client's world can become fully organized, protected, and focused. The firm's clients experience a unique planning process that builds confidence and clarity for their future. The firm's advisors experience a unique way to grow their planning practice increasing their future possibilities. A native Charlottean, Andy and his wife Dana live in South Charlotte with their three wonderful daughters: Abby, Emma, and Kaitlyn.