Strategic Talent Management

Strategic Talent Management (STM) measures “soft” skills as precisely and accurately as you measure financial and production factors. We diagnose people problems with world-class assessment tools, prescribe improvements for individual and team performance, and have a team of experienced business consultants who can Implement solutions including coaching and development, recruiting and hiring new talent, and work alongside you to assure the success of the Exit Plan.

STM was founded in 1993 by Art Boulay as a coaching and leadership development firm. Our vision expanded in 1997 when we began to master assessment tools that allowed us to quickly and accurately diagnose the “soft” obstacles people face in their organizational development and professional advancement. We adapted the technology to hiring and developed a nation-wide business in Hiring Selection.

In 2003, we added a powerful new scientific assessment to our toolkit, which took the predictive accuracy and precise understanding of people to a world-class level. With advancements in online technology, we expanded into recruitment and the knowledge transfer of these processes to larger organizations and businesses throughout the United States and abroad.

Recently, Strategic Talent Management also put together a case study and infographic to share with our members and subscribers. Please use the links below to preview the resources. 

Solving the Succession Challenge Case Study Know Your People Infographic


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