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Empire Valuation Consultants

Since our founding in 1988, Empire Valuation Consultants has prepared over 30,000 business valuations. This experience translates to Empire Valuation Consultants being an ideal partner to support exit planning advisors and their clients in estimating the value of the client’s business interest. We are committed to providing personalized attention and delivering timely results to every engagement.

Empire Valuation Consultants can assist exit planning advisors with preliminary estimates of business value early in the exit planning process. Depending on the client’s needs, Empire Valuation Consultants can provide a simplified analysis along with the skills to prepare an in‑depth business valuation that would serve as a “trial run,” encompassing many of the factors a financial buyer would consider. During the latter stages of exit planning, Empire Valuation Consultants can prepare valuations for ESOP, estate planning, and corporate/insider transactions. Valuations for these purposes are prepared in a manner that meets industry and regulatory standards, and can withstand rigorous trustee and sophisticated financial buyer scrutiny.

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