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The BEI Story

Our founder, John Brown, started working with business owners as an estate planning attorney in 1977. While working to manage the owner’s assets, he soon realized a common problem: No one was helping those owners exit their companies. Without planning, how would these owners convert their largest financial assets into cash and move successfully into their post-business lives?

Realizing the ever-increasing need to help business owners successfully transfer out of their businesses, John was determined to find a solution.

To help owners focus on their ultimate goals, John developed a process that brought together owners and their advisors to talk about ownership issues and long-term planning. Based on this experience, John began to refine his thinking about the unique issues business owners face. Armed with the experience and knowledge he gained, John developed The BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process™.

BEI was founded in 1996, its mission to train advisors on every aspect of the Exit Planning process. Today, our advisor network continues to grow as we experience the largest business ownership transition in history. As a trusted advisor to business owners, are you ready to capture this opportunity?

Who We Are

BEI is the leading innovator in the Exit Planning industry. No other organization offers its Members the comprehensive Exit Planning training, marketing support, and plan-creation tools that BEI provides. As a BEI Licensed User, advisors have access to an established, systemized process that allows them to easily help their clients with their business-transition planning. Professionals in a variety of disciplines leverage Exit Planning to attract and keep high-caliber business clients in their practices.

Our Mission

BEI trains and supports business advisors to be the preeminent Exit Planning resource for business owners in their communities. Our members ultimately seek to help business owners and their families benefit from their lives’ work.

Are you ready to help your clients exit?

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